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           Hello!  My name is John Westendorp and I’m an Independent, T-1 Certified AMSOIL Dealer.  AMSOIL was the first company in the world to engineer and manufacture synthetic oil, and is known for the matchless quality of its lubricants.  As a large "independent" in the oil industry AMSOIL has always walked its own path, putting quality above all else.  Full synthetic lubrication is all AMSOIL does, and does well!  We now have premium products for nearly every vehicle & application at great prices, with wholesale options to save you even more.  Be sure to check out our EYE-CANDY PRODUCT CATALOG.pdf


Benefits of Using AMSOIL

  • QUALITY--AMSOIL represents the pinnacle of quality in the lubricant industry.  AMSOIL *IS* QUALITY. 

  • PROTECTION--our lubes are formulated with superior base stocks & bleeding edge additive technology.  They withstand extreme heat and hold viscosity in the most severe conditions.  They also remain fluid in ludicrously cold temperatures, some down to -60 C (-76 F)!  This means instant cold start protection.  Check out the Oil Analysis page for examples. 

  • CONVENIENCE--our fluids & filters are guaranteed to last much longer than standard products.  That means fewer oil changes, less down-time servicing your vehicle and more time driving.  

  • SAVINGS--we have saved, literally, *thousands* by running AMSOIL in our vehicles over the years through oil, fuel & maintenance costs.  The Environment page shows how.  

  • ENVIRONMENTAL BENEFITS--our products are all about conservation. They greatly reduce waste oil & packaging, conserve fuel, reduce emissions, keep equipment running longer and landfills emptier.  AMSOIL directly benefits our environment on multiple fronts.

  • EXPERTISE--AMSOIL was the first in the world to engineer and manufacture synthetic lubricants, and has more experience with with them than any other company in the world.  You can trust the expertise of AMSOIL. 


           As a personalized information portal we offer unique content, and encourage you to research AMSOIL's products!  That's one of the best ways to learn how good they really are.  Check out the Performance Tests & Literature page where you will have access to a great storehouse of literature, white papers, field studies, and more.  We have included real customer oil analysis reports and explained their use and what to look for when reading them.  We've added content on why aftermarket oil additives should be avoided, and more. Be sure to try out the great product application guide too!  Take advantage of what is available here.  If you have any questions at all, please contact us any time and we will reply as promptly as possible.  We are happy to help! 


           And then why not give it a try?  Save your money and your ride!  "Move Up" to AMSOIL!



John A. Westendorp

Dealer #1813831 

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