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Deere 7420 Full.pdf

John Deere 7420


            Here is an excellent analysis result from another John Deere, this time a 7420 farm tractor.  Like many others, this farmer was using AMSOIL’s premium AME 15W-40 HD Diesel & Marine Oil in his tractors.  He got this oil analyzed for his own peace of mind, which he then found in spades.  The results speak for themselves. 

            This oil was in his tractor for most of the season and 350 hours.  The results were excellent!  It’s virtually devoid of any colour, which is the best it can be.  This analysis paints the picture of an engine that is in very good condition.  The only flagged item is the Moly, at 8 ppm, and that only because AMSOIL doesn’t add Molybdenum to its oils like some other manufacturers do.  This trace amount is likely residual and from the previous oil.  Regardless, the levels are very low and this is a non-issue.    

            After 350 hours there was very little engine wear, the viscosity was bang on (the mark of a superior oil), and the TBN was almost like new at 9.53.  There is no fuel dilution, dirt or soot contamination or any other items of concern: it’s all excellent!  At the current slow rate of oil decay seen in this report, the owner here could have gotten 1000 hours out of this oil, easily, if he chose to keep using it.  It was barely broken in at this point. 

            You can trust the quality and expertise of AMSOIL! 

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