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  One of the things we hope to facilitate here at JAWSOIL is self-education.  The only way anyone can make informed decisions on which lubricant to choose is by doing some research and becoming familiar with the facts.  AMSOIL is different from other companies in that it makes exhaustive technical information, test results, studies and educational material freely available to the public.  Remarkably, all such information is unredacted.


  A great place to start is by looking at AMSOIL’s excellent White Papers and Field Studies.  You can even download the newer ones for free.  Don't forget to check the archives.  These are truly outstanding resources and worth your time!  One of my personal favourites found in the archives is the "8.2% more MPG" field study, which shows the mileage gains a small fleet of class 8 highway trucks realized by switching to our premium HDD 5W-30 diesel oil and drivetrain fluids. 

  We would also like to make AMSOIL’s excellent Dealer Training Series available.  This is ordinarily dealer material but if it helps you then we're happy to send it your way when you ask for it.  Master this material and you will know far more about lubrication and filtration than your mechanic.  There are currently seven PDF mini-courses on these topics: Lubrication Fundamentals, Engine Lubrication, Engine Operation, Filtration Fundamentals, Mobile Drivetrain Fluids, Oil Analysis Fundamentals, and Diesel Fuel Fundamentals




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