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There are two sides to the topic of warranty.  The first is the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer's) point of view, and the other is AMSOIL's. There is confusion and misinformation surrounding warranty issues as they pertain to your free choice of lubricant. Hopefully the information on this page will provide some clarity and peace of mind.  


OEM Position


You are advised to take everything OEM's say regarding this topic with a grain of salt.  Many OEM's and OEM dealerships intimidate owners of new equipment into using their branded oils and having all service work done in their shops by stating (or implying) owners can forfeit their vehicle warranties if they don't comply.  This is dirty pool if we ever saw, but we certainly understand the concern of new vehicle owners who just spent a pile of money and don't want to risk their warranty.    




You need to know that in the U.S. and in various Canadian Provinces there are explicit laws on the books that make it illegal for OEM's to render their warranties void if specific brand name oils are not used in the vehicle, unless they provide such lubricants free of charge to the owner.  To be safe, what you need to do is use only lubricants and fluids that meet or exceed the original OEM fluid specifications for that vehicle listed in its manual.  

          The other thing needed is for you to maintain due diligence in your maintenance schedule, such as being certain to get your fluids & filters changed at the recommended intervals, and serviced correctly.  You would be wise to keep all records so you can prove you have done this.  You might want to get your service work done at the dealership where you purchased your equipment if it keeps them happy, at least until the warranty has naturally expired.  Yet even that is not a requirement, legally speaking.  

Some OEM dealerships might give you a bit of a hard time for using AMSOIL’s Signature Series fluids in your engine for longer than they would like, even though AMSOIL makes the best protecting oils on the market by a wide margin.  One of the most scientific and irrefutable forms of due diligence you can perform is to have your oil analyzed by our partner lab.  The analysis reports posted on this site demonstrate how well our oils protect even during severe service and over long drain periods.  A clean oil report is hard to argue against.  If dealerships still give you a hard time, use tact, and ask them to put their position in writing, which often makes them think twice.    

AMSOIL Limited Warranties


AMSOIL has industry leading limited warranties for its products, and stands behind them.  No other oil manufacturer warrants their lubricants for as long as AMSOIL does. However, it is close to impossible to ruin an engine on oil alone if one is using the correct oil & filter and servicing them properly.  This is the case even with cheap petroleum products, let alone our industry leading lubes and filters.  One really has to drop the ball badly to ruin an engine on the oil alone.  There are almost always other factors involved.  


Engine failures often result from a lack of due diligence in maintenance matters, or the use of incorrect parts or fluids, or the use of cheap imported parts, or improperly installed parts or fluids, or unrelated parts failure.  Sometimes component failure is the result of poor OEM design.  On rare occasions engines fail from using seriously degraded or improper fuel, or fuel contaminated with too much ethanol and water, or simply because the engine was built on a Monday!  Aftermarket oil additives can also cause serious engine damage....see the Aftermarket Additives page for details into this.  All warranty claims made against our products will be thoroughly investigated, often through fluid analysis and submitting damaged components for evaluation.  Fluid analysis can often reveal, in detail, what was behind the failure.  


If you have any questions regarding warranty, please send them our way.  Rest assured: AMSOIL sells the best lubricants and filters in the world and stands behind them 100%.  You can trust the quality and expertise of AMSOIL!  

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