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         When it comes to environmental credentials there is no oil company more committed to good stewardship of the planet than AMSOIL.  Here's the proof: 

          Less Waste Oil & Packaging.  Because most of AMSOIL's products last so much longer than competing products you generate much less waste oil that must be dealt with.  Our 1998 Honda Odyssey gets driven roughly 25-30,000 kms each year, but because we use AMSOIL's Signature Series oil we only perform one oil & filter change a year instead of five.  Over the last fourteen years we've saved ourselves about 75 oil & filter changes in this vehicle!  That's also 75 filters, roughly 375 liters of waste oil and 375 used oil bottles that did not need to be disposed of, and I am not even factoring in similar savings with AMSOIL's tranny fluid.  That's HUGE! These savings really add up over time!  

         Reduced Fuel Usage.  AMSOIL saves fuel by reducing friction.  In our situation, we switched from petroleum oils to AMSOIL's top tier oil fourteen years ago and gained over 20 kms on each tank.  Several years ago we made the switch from 0W-30 to 0W-20, which gained us even more mileage.  Then we switched all the fluids in the vehicle to AMSOIL and gained more again.  What we and many others have found is that AMSOIL more than pays for itself with fuel savings alone.  

          For example, on one family trip up north we squeezed a remarkable 930 kms out of one tank in our fully loaded Odyssey, and it took only 60 liters to fill up.  The EPA hwy rating for our van in 1998 was 28 mpg yet we managed a real-world 36 mpg! Customers often realize a 3-6% boost in fuel mileage when they switch all engine & power train fluids over to AMSOIL.  Even with just engine oil, two or three percent doesn't seem like much, but these savings add up to a lot of money over the long-haul, esp. with bigger equipment.  

           Reduced Emissions.  Because AMSOIL has such high resistance to thermal breakdown and is a high detergency oil, it really keeps your engine clean.  It also has a much lower volatilization (evaporation) rate than cheaper oils.  This means that in hot working conditions conventional fluids boil off their lighter molecules, which compromises and thickens the oil left behind.  This also increases fuel consumption.  By contrast, AMSOIL's fluids maintain their integrity in your engine for much longer.  How does all this help the environment?  Less oil evaporation means less emissions and better fuel mileage.  A clean engine will always have cleaner internals, tighter sealing rings, more efficient combustion, better mileage and lower emissions than a dirty engine.  Cleaner internals last longer too, resulting in fewer replaced parts and ultimately, less material going to the landfill as vehicles are driven longer.  Read AMSOIL's environmental brochure 
here [pdf]. 

           HUGE Savings.  When you add everything up, we have saved multiple thousands of dollars on oil/filter changes, fuel costs, repair bills and countless hours of downtime with our van by using AMSOIL; easily over $4000.00 on oil and fuel savings alone!  Not to mention we are not on our third family vehicle like everyone else at our stage in life.  Our Odyssey now has over 553,000 kms on the clock and is still going strong. The beauty is that in direct proportion to our own savings, the environment has been spared.  That feels great!  And the used oil and fuel savings cited here were accomplished with just one small 2.3 liter engine; the benefits are much greater with fleets and larger equipment.  

A Strong Argument

           Conservation, greatly reduced waste oil & packaging, diminished fuel consumption, cleaner engines, lower emissions, longer lasting equipment and emptier land fills: these are some of the environmental benefits of using AMSOIL.  The great thing is that with our products you can do your part to protect the environment, and prolong the life of your equipment, boost your driving enjoyment and save money all at the same time!  Now that’s hard to argue against!  So....why not give it a try?  Move up to AMSOIL! 

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