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Hello and welcome to our AMSOIL, AGGRAND and ALTRUM group of websites!  My name is John Westendorp and I’m an independent, T-1 Certified Dealer for AMSOIL and its daughter companies shown here.  These products represent the best quality money can buy and are much more affordable than you would expect.  Pricing and availability vary based on location so please set up a free account for accurate informationthis is done easily via the "Login" button on each site.  We also have wholesale options to save you 25% off our retail prices.  To navigate simply click any logo.  

 produces a full line of premium full synthetic transmission fluids, gear lubes, greases, automotive, power sport, diesel, marine, small engine and two-cycle oils, filters, fuel additives, protectants, coolant and much more.  These products offer a combination of superlative quality and environmental stewardship that is simply unmatched.  AMSOIL was the first company in the world to manufacture synthetic lubricants and is known for its unsurpassed quality, class leading protection, convenience, and fuel & maintenance savings for both fleet and home use.

 produces a superb line of natural fertilizers which are a boon for the health of your farm, lawn and garden.  Our fertilizers are a refreshing and cost effective alternative to synthetic chemical fertilizers, and can be applied to the soil directly, your plants as a foliar spray, or both.  AGGRAND natural fertilizers contain no harmful environmental impacts and feed your plants and soil biology in the most healthy & effective manner possible.  If you are looking for more affordable and sustainable ways to farm or garden, we have options for you.  

 offers a premium line of naturally sourced, whole-food vitamins and supplements.  These products can supply a nice boost to your health in general and help you with particular issues you may be dealing with.  Steer clear of cheap multi-vitamins and supplements, as many are just synthesized chemical isolates.  Stick with the natural, whole food based minerals and vitamin complexes found in ALTRUM vitamins and nutritional supplements.

           We hope to become your ‘go-to’ portal for information.  If you have any questions, please send them our way!  If we don’t have immediate answers they can likely be found.  There are many resources, much experience and numerous options at your disposal here, and we can find solutions that will work for you.  We are happy to help! 


Move Up to AMSOIL…..Grow Up With AGGRAND…..Shape Up With ALTRUM.




John A. Westendorp

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